Monday, January 14, 2008

60's TV on 8TV

You know what the most cool local tv show right now?

No lah, its not Cornetto Love Perhaps la!!

It is…

Radhi Study Go!!

I think the program sponsored by Segi College to show off their new campus. But who cares. It’s still rock man!!!

And this week Radhi going to nursing class..

Damn, so many nurse chicks. You are so lucky la Radhi…

Looks like Radhi going to poison the patient..

He also being scolded by Dr Liew, because he didn’t show up at music class last week. And Dr Liew waited him for 3 hours!!

So damn lucky. During my time (not at Segi, of course) if you are late 5 minutes, not only the lecturer not wait for you, most probably you are not allowed to enter the class…. And also being scolded also. Haiyaaa…

Not too happy Dr Liew.
So don’t miss the show, every Monday night, at 8 TV. At what time, I forgot already. (You all check sendiri la kat tv). Keep rocking Radhi!!


Fariezul Jaafar said...

koreksi : sunday night bukan monday. 10 pm.

Anonymous said...

great show...funny la. segi's cool!!! radhi's hot!!!

Fariezul Jaafar said...

you must be segis student rite?