Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Persona Got Two Oil Tanks! Wow!

Got this one from forwarded e-mail. Photo of Persona's speedometer. Look at the pic very closely-ah!

Yes sir! Persona got two oil gauge meter. This mean that persona had two oil tanks! Wow!

Just like Delorean used by Mcfly in Back To The Future movie - got two source of power : oil and uranium (but of course persona's are both oil)

Well maybe one of them is for biofuel and the other one is for ordinary fuel. Great isnt it?

Or maybe, the tank is divided into two - to the right and left, so that you can fill up the petrol in petrol station easier - dont have to pull the petrol hose to the other side of the car anymore. Wow! what an engineering! That is the purpose of engineer isnt it? To make our life easier.

Haha... No la. I search through internet and found that the defect is because of the mistake make by the proton one of the vendor. they mistakely put the oil meter instead of temperature meter. This pic is taken at the proton showroom on the day that the persona been launch and they had no other cars to change. ( yeah rite!)

What a silly mistake! How can you show this defect car to the people Plotong? Have no one realise it? From the vendor, to the assembly line, to the QC to the showroom, not a single homo-sapien realise it? dont they have any SOP to check it? Or everyone just saying "tak-pa".

Yeah maybe you think that this is only a small (small?) and minor defect. (what a typicall malaysian you are! 50th years ol-ready ma!). Think twice. This is a can-see defect.

What about the things that you cannot see? Internal strees, weld line (to those who know it) in the moulded plastic part maybe. You dont want the dashboard sudenlly fall apart when you park under the sun in this nice weather in Malaysia for a long time, dont you?

That didnt scare you?

Imagine this. You are doing 120km/h in the blood sucking PLUS highway. Going to Ipoh from Taiping (I love Tiaping! Haha!) going through the tunnel. Suddenly the windscreen became "retak seribu" and fall into pieces -a catatrosphic failure just like Titanic. You are lucky if and only if:

1. you still can control your pride (As the say :"Our new Pride" - Persona)
2. You didnt hit the tunnel wall
3. There are no Express Bus (Berjenama "Super" that killed passengger recently) behind you.

Now can you see what the can-see defect means?

FMEA, QC, SOP, TS is not only to be written on papers, vendors!

Cheers labrat!

Nota Kaki:
My lecturers must be proud of me because after all the 4 years of susah payah of teaching my semi-disfuctional brain, I used what the tought only to blog! Hahaha!!

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